+ Why sell my jewelry?

If you have items that are broken and irreparable, or you never wear and you never plan to pass down, you may as well use the money for something important or trade them in for something you will wear and enjoy.

+ Where can I sell designer jewelry?

Right here. We know the value of designer jewelry and, if it's in good, salable condition, are willing to pay a premium for it.

+ How do I know you will make the best offer?

We have been in business for 35 years and we know jewelry well. We will factor gemstone and diamond prices, fashion trends, rarity, age and antiquity when deciding on prices to offer. We have been known to offer as much as 5 times more than our competitors. Of course, you can always shop around, too.

+ Is selling my inherited or broken jewelry the only option?

Of course not! We understand how important these decisions can be. We can always salvage certain parts of jewelry, reset gemstones and diamonds, and generally repurpose most pieces of jewelry. Please come in or make an appointment, so we can discuss your options.

+ Do I have to make an appointment?

No. You can come in during any of our business hours without an appointment, but an appointment can help to expedite the process, especially if you have many items for sale.


Whether you have inherited jewelry you would like to sell or would like to update your look, it may be time to come to us and receive a quote for your jewelry. Sell jewelry for cash or receive credit towards a new piece for yourself or someone you love. 

We find 90% of customers who shop around for prices return, finding our offers to be the best in the area.

Sell engagement rings, sell diamond earrings, sell designer jewelry, sell diamond rings, sell jewelry of all kinds to us. We accept loose diamonds and gemstones, silver and gold coins, high-end watches, signed designer jewelry, used gold, silver or platinum jewelry and scrap. We accept almost everything jewelry or precious metal related, but, if you have any questions, please contact us by phone or by using the form below.

  • Sell Diamond Rings

  • Sell Diamond Earrings

  • Sell Engagement Rings

  • Sell Gemstones Jewelry

  • Sell Signed Designer Jewelry

  • Sell Gold, platinum and Silver

The process is simple: schedule an appointment that is convenient for you, and one of our experts will carefully assess your jewelry while you wait. Many factors affect value, including metal content (gold vs platinum), purity (14K, 925, 950, etc), weight, condition, presence or absence of gemstones, etc. Most times, we will make an offer for your pieces, which you can accept (and leave with a check or new item!) or shop around for other prices. We find 90% of customers who shop around for prices return, finding our offers to be the best in the area. We offer even more for store credit than cash.

We find most customers are over-joyed to transform their tucked-away, old jewelry or scrap into cash or a brand-new, sparkly piece of jewelry they enjoy. So please call us at 860-659-0944, or make an appointment below.